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In writing my memoir, "Life Savors," Marcia was invaluable in helping me. Marcia, your clarity of vision in terms of a "through-line" was immensely helpful, and your suggestions, like "less of a travelogue" and "more Buffy – maybe dialogue" and "keep the focus" – were important to my efforts. You gave me a sense of purpose when I was discouraged and a sense of pride in what I was trying to do. As a memoirist "consultant," you are the best!

Elizabeth (Buffy) Cooke, Author
"Life Savors", "Eye of the Beholder", "Shadow Romance",
"There's A Small Hotel", "Secrets of A Small Hotel"

Marcia Rosen is a miracle worker who could coax a memoir out of anyone. Inspiring and creative, she shows us how to shape our ideas and memories into a manuscript. With insight and humor, this book moves us all a few steps closer to our dream. And anyone who knows Marcia will recognize her warm and wise voice on every page.

Pesi Dinnerstein, Author
"A Cluttered Life: Searching for G-d, Serenity and Missing Keys"

Dear Marcia, You have been a great source of motivation and support both in developing my Memoir and encouraging me to write what I hope is my first of several children's books on adoption. Each of these projects is very important to me and you have helped me feel I can be a successful published author. I look forward to our continuing to work together, it is the connection we have together that I value, and I appreciate you telling me you feel the same way. Thank you for all.

Pamela Litman, Author, "Mommy and Me"
Illustrated children's book series being developed on adoption